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Fair Trade Bhutanese Incense

Bhutan is a small Buddhist Kingdom nestled high in the Himalaya, known as Land of the Thunder Dragon.  The art of incense making has been an important Bhutanese craft for centuries,  it follows the ancient recipes based upon the Tibetan medical system.

The purity of the Bhutanese tradition, along with the extremely high quality natural ingredients that grow high in the Bhutnese Himalaya, have made Bhutanese incense the most sought after of all Himalayan incenses.

It is used for ritual offerings, healing, space clearing, meditation and bringing a pleasant fragrance to the environment.

Genuine Bhutanese Purple Healing Incense - Fair Trade

Genuine Bhutanese Purple Healing Incense - Fair Trade

Our Bhutanese Healing Incense is especially rich in white sandalwood which orginates from Southern I..


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